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1940's Television: ''Howdy Doody'' - 3rd August 1949

Published 1949

1940's Television: An episode of "Howdy Doody" from the 3rd of August, 1949.

This episode features many of the aspects which made the show one of early TV's biggest hits, and even contains original NBC Network IDs.

Overall, an unusual example of children's TV from the era when what worked and what didn't was still being worked out.

Run time 29:44
Production Company National Broadcasting Company
Audio/Visual Sound, Black and White


Reviewer: Earlon - - February 21, 2010
Subject: A catalog site for Classic TV shows
If you like Classic TV from of the 50's, I found a catalog site that makes it easy to find and watch episodes streaming from at:

The Classic TV Channel

There are currently over 400 individual episodes of about 30 different programs, and the site is growing day by day. Check it out!
Reviewer: dbrew2u - - April 30, 2009
Subject: Children :
Very good and chock full of wonderful memories of when TV was not just something to take up space in the living room. And why children and adults could both enjoy it together. Thanks for posting.
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